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The biggest mistake to make is thinking go-live is the end of your project, it's really just the beginning! Similar to New York, the city that never sleeps, Cloud is constantly changing, improving and launching new features. The words 'phase 2' can often be the buzz word throughout an implementation, especially towards the end, when deadlines are getting tight and the budget is running low, the Moscow analysis get's cut to focus only on 'Must Have's' and everything else gets put in the phase 2 bucket, but how often does phase 2 actually happen?

How can I take advantage of new features and instil a continuous improvement programme?

It is important to set-up a change management and continuous improvement team for day 1 of go-live to ensure all the items parked and layers of polish that can take place really do happen. It's easy to forget the annual licence costs and implementation fees as everyone moves on to the next project, although as part of the business change partner concept, this is continuous and should not stop when the system goes live.

How can we help?

  • Provide advice and guidance on setting up a continuous change panel 

  • Appointment of solution owner in your business and discuss their responsibilities

  • Highlight the release readiness collateral and how this should be reviewed and analysed for your business impact

  • Consider the concept of building prototypes/sandboxes of new functionality, deploy to smaller pilot groups for feedback

  • Explore customer connect

  • Form external networks of customers to learn from them and ask questions

the idea

Help your company learn more about the benefits of a cloud HR world for your business


Advice & guidance on the modules and features that will match your business challenges


Ensure your project team is set-up for success and the business is 'cloud ready' for go-live



Cloud technologies never stop developing, ensure your business is ready to embrace new modules & features