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You're past the first post but there's a long way to go... Rome wasn't built in a day as they say! Our analogy of your Oracle HCM Cloud instance is an apartment block, you're now renting your own private space inside a large skyscraper and can now make it your own. There are some rules and limitations with cloud, similar to a tower block, it's not possible to knock down walls or add a conservatory on floor 15 however, you can paint the walls, add pictures and move the furniture round. ​Your implementation partner will guide you through the options available, explaining how the features work and understanding your requirements to build a solution. These will then be replayed back to you and through an iterative course of refinement your final build will be signed off, at which point your production instance will be configured, people data uploaded and user accounts set-up ready for go-live.

How do I ensure the implementation will be successful?

What do you mean by success? On time, on budget and to the right quality? Whilst there is often a large focus on the technical implementation of the business, often looked after by the implementation partner, there is the business change factor that is sometimes not considered. This includes items such as change management, roles and responsibilities, competencies, training, communication and business readiness. We often say owning a car is great, but if you don't have a driving licence and don't know how to drive it there's little point in having it, for an implementation to be successful, you have to be ready to drive both the implementation and the business as usual tasks from go-live on-wards.

How can we help?

  • Provide advice and guidance on project team structures

  • Discuss ways of working, waterfall, agile, Prince2 and others

  • Assist with understanding the change in processes, traffic light style, stop, start, continue

  • Help recruit the correct competencies

  • Discuss lessons learned from previous implementations

  • Training support

  • Environment Management

  • Supplier Management 

  • Support Management

the idea

Help your company learn more about the benefits of a cloud HR world for your business


Advice & guidance on the modules and features that will match your business challenges


Ensure your project team is set-up for success and the business is 'cloud ready' for go-live



Cloud technologies never stop developing, ensure your business is ready to embrace new modules & features