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Oracle Open World - Team Presentation

Putting People Back at the Centre of the Service Industry with Macdonald Hotels

Learn how the HR function of a luxury hotel chain undertook their cloud transformation journey to deliver improve their service to the core business and positively impact the experience of the workforce.

This was the headline of our 30 minute presentation at Oracle Open World. When I took the first call from Oracle asking if we would like to present at Open World, the first feeling was honoured to be considered that our story would help other customer learn about an implementation journey, quickly followed by the fear of presenting to large groups! I then started to think where my passport was, having not had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco event before, only to find out that this would not be needed as the event was to be in London ExCeL centre, the first ever European Open World Event!

Our People Systems Team at Macdonald Hotels started to prepare the presentation and scripts, with a number of iterations and practice sessions it felt like we were on the train to Kings Cross within minutes of the call.

ExCeL was a sea of red, hundreds, probably thousands of visitors, made up of customers, Oracle employees, speakers, service implementers and so many more, walking around with their lanyards which gave access to a huge array of presentation sessions including the key note session with Eddie Izzard.

We headed straight to our presentation room and was quickly rigged with microphones and given a few pointers, one of which was the 30 minute limit, as I like to talk I knew this would be difficult to achieve! On stage, the team were fantastic, the slides guided our narrative and the slides helped add some humour to our story.

It was an incredible experience and a privilege to be on stage with my team after all the hard work in launching and embedding the system. After the session, many people came up to us not only to say congratulations but to say thank you as they no longer felt like they were alone in their Oracle HCM Cloud journey, asking questions and sharing stories.

I hope Open World returns next year and will be sure to be there!

Thanks to everyone that came to watch the presentation

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